July 1956,
Toshizou Kawai established HANSHIN HAGANE SHOKAI in Kobe and began working with special steel and special steel.
September 1964,
HANSHIN HAGANE SHOKAI reorganized into a joint-shock company under the name of HANSHIN HAGANE SHOKAI CORP.(capitalized at 3 million JPY)
April 1968,
HANSHIN HAGANE SHOKAI CORP became a specialist in handling steel for machine structural use.
August 1969,
Kakogawa Branch established.(Capital increased to 10 million JPY)
July 1972,
East Kobe Branch established.(Capital increased to 20 million JPY)
October 1974,
Capital increased to 30 million JPY.
September 1977,
Kakogawa Branch moved into Kakogawa Industrial Park.
Sales Administration Office established and Target Management System introduced.
April 1978,
Stainless steel, cast and forged steel, steel sheet, nonferrous metal introduced to the main product line.
Proprietary I.T system introduced to all branches.
Inventory management based on the steel maker’s charge(heat) number since then.
October 1980,
Quality Control Provision, Outsourcing Management Provision, and Quality Control Committee established.
Sales Guidelines introduced.
April 1981,
Capital increased to 39 million JPY.
April 1982,
Machining Division founded.
Sales Administration office abolished.
Management Planning office established.
April 1983,
Akashi Branch established.
“Improve office Efficiency” Committee established.
Retention schedule set up.
January 1984,
Machining shop established in Akashi Branch.
April 1985,
Corporate Identity launched.
April 1989,
The company name changed to HANSHIN METALICS CORP.
Capital increased to 50 million JPY.
November 1991,
Capital increased to 70 million JPY.
March 2005,
Steel material Center Branch established.
April 2007,
JISQ14001:2004(ISO 14001:2004) certified by SGS quality Evaluations.
December 2011,
Dmet corp (subsidiary company) established in Shanghai.
February 2012,
Kyoto Branch established.
Acquired Kawakami Hagane CORP making it a wholly owned subsidiary.
November 2015,
Shikoku Branch established..


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