Bringing not only materials but also “True Value” to the sky.

We have established the Aerospace Division based on our unique and high-end processing and production management technologies cultivated in the special steel industry.
Certified with JIS Q 9100, we provide integrated services from procurement,
inventory control, to material processes including cutting and heat treatment for aircraft materials.

Largest inventory inAsia, including 15-5PH

To fully support our customers’ production plan, we can stock aircraft materials at any quantity and offer “Just In Time Delivery” of AMS/ASTM/MSRR/PWA/GE standards, which are difficult to procure.
In particular, our 15-5PH inventory is one of the largest in Asia.
When it comes to procuring aircraft materials, you can leave it to us.

Our Inventory Portfolio

15-5PH 15-5PH    ALLOY718 ALLOY718

Integrated supply system from procurement, cutting, machining

On top of procurement and stock of aircraft materials, we offer an integrated processing service ranging from cutting/machining with JISQ9100 certified in-house equipment to heat treatment and mechanical testing.
By doing so, we strive to make your procurement and production as efficient and cost effective as possible.

Proposal by HANSHIN metalics
Inventory, cutting and JIT delivery of aviation and overseas standard materials

Problems with existing routes

  • Due to the large MOQ of steel makers, small quantities can be purchased only from wholesalers each time.
  • There are problems with storage of aircraft materials and inventory management costs.
  • Logistics costs are incurred for each process
  • Due to the procurement difficulty of certain materials, it is difficult for small suppliers to obtain them by themselves.
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  2. 商社
  3. 部品メーカー
  4. 加工外法

New proposal method

  • Based on the customer's production plan, we will sell from one standard size in stock.
  • Based on JIS Q 9100, we manage our inventory, securely and optimally.
  • We can carry out integrated services from procuring materials to adding finishing touches on them, and securely deliver the items to the next processor.
  • We manage procurement and inventory which can cost you a considerable amount of time and money. You can switch your costly, conventional method to our highly dependable management system.
  1. 製鋼メーカー
  2. 一貫生産提案
  3. 部品メーカー,加工外注

Sales achievement

To date, we have delivered our materials to major domestic aircraft engine manufacturers, other aircraft equipment manufacturers, domestic material processors, overseas processors, and a number of other aircraft-related suppliers.

Experience steel and alloy materials
from all over the world.

Our strengths include price competitiveness through direct transactions with foreign steel makers that meet the standards required in the aerospace industry. (Our suppliers are based in the U.S., UK, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, and Taiwan.)

  • 取引鋼材
  • 取引鋼材

  • 取引鋼材

Quality management
Achieves quality control of aircraft quality

We have established our own quality control regulations that systematize the experience on quality assurance over many years. We are making company-wide efforts to bring solid value to you.
Hanshin Metallics has acquired the quality management system "JIS Q 9100" ahen handling aircraft materials.
skilled inspectors thoroughly manage the handling of aircraft materials, processing inspection system, etc. every day.
Especially for materials, we have introduced a PMI inspection machine to prevent the shipment of different materials.

  • 品質管理

  • 品質管理

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