Strengths of Hanshin Metallics

Strengths of Hanshin Metallics

Kansai top class abundant inventory

We always 
stock 8000t of materials at 7 bases in Kansai
including SC, SCM and SUS .

As a trading company specializing in special steel 
, we respond to the needs of our customers by preparing

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Full lineup of φ16-450

We have a full lineup of special steel materials from φ16 to φ450 , which is the largest rolling size in the word.

In particular, SC, SCM, and SUS have a size ranging from φ105 (adjustable by φ5) up to 175. This contributes to cost reduction of materials and processing.

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Pilot hole machining with proprietary tools

Our facilities are equipped with 25 NC lathes, 2 machining center, and other self-developed tools to form pilot holes.
We are particularly confident in forming a pilot hole whose diameter is larger than φ100.

We can reduce the cost of all ring-shaped parts such as seamless pipes, rolled forgings, and any ring-shaped items.
You can count on us for handling parts with holes such as gears, flanges, bosses, sprockets, sleeves, mechanical seals, etc.!

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Deep hole small diameter processing

Using 20MPa ultra-high pressure coolant, we perform non-step machining of deep hole small diameters of φ5 ~ 10.

We realize the processing time of about 1/3 of the conventional way and meet the needs of our customers.

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High-speed roughing of difficult-to-cut materials

Difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium, high alloys, and duplex stainless steel can also be cut at high speed using 20MPa ultra-high pressure coolant.
Please leave it to us for difficult-to-cut materials that require technical processing.

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Integrated supply system in Shanghai

We also supply competitively-priced materials and final machined products in large quantities through our group company in Shanghai.
For your peace of mind, our employees make frequent visits to the operation site for vigorous inspection to assure the quality.

Our services include selection of base materials to procurement of materials, machining, inspection, delivery, and delivery date management.

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"Just in Time delivery" of aircraft materials

We have been working in the aerospace industry since 2014 and acquired JIS Q 9100 in 2014. Starting with the industry's first inventory sales of aircraft materials, we have built an integrated distribution system from procurement, cutting, machining, heat treatment to mechanical testing.
Upon your order, the products will reach you “Just In Time” exactly when needed.
We can solve any problems regarding procurement and inventory of AMS / ASTM / MSRR / PWA / GE standards for titanium, high alloy, and aluminum, centering on 15-5PH and 17-4PH stainless steel .

Aircraft Materials

Automatic quotation for special steel materials

We will instantly calculate the price of all special steel materials including SC, SCM and SUS.
Try our automatic quotation system to save your time.

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