To be the world premier company in providing Special steel Solutions, and continuously create value for our Customers

  • Full lineup

    Keep up with needs by featuring full lineup of various kinds of special steel

    From high-performance special steel to nonferrous metals, we respond to various needs with broad line up that is top class in the industry.
    Quick delivery with wide selection of inventory, no matter what the lot size is.


  • Just-In-Time

    Achieve JIT (Just-In-Time) with our bases and proprietary delivery system

    There is never tardy delivery with our automated management system.
    "the right material, at the right time, and in the exat amount" instantly.

    Delivery system

  • Management system

    Respond to urgent delivery with due-date/process management system

    Using our experience accumulated over many years and our own quality control guidance.
    We cope with needs and strive to survive global competition.

    Quality management system


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