Top-class inventory volume
in the Kansai area

50 in-house cutting machines in
7 warehouses in the Kansai area

Pre-hole drilling with our originally
developed tools

High-speed rough machining using
ultra-high pressure coolant of 20 MPa

High productivity achieved
by loading robot

Procurement from overseas steel
manufacturers in 8 countries

Wide range of proposals by
special steel experts

New Value
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Our strengths

Kansai top class abuundant inventory

We always keep 6000~8000t of materials including SC, SCM, and SUS in stock at 7bases in Kansai region.

A full lineup of φ16~450

We have a full lineup of special steel materials ranging from φ16 up toφ450, which is the largest in rolled size.

Pilot hole drilling with proprietary tools

Our facilities are equipped with 20 NC lathes, 1 machining center, and other self-developed tools to form pilot holes.
We are particularly confident in forming a pilot hole whose diameter is larger than φ80.

Deep hole small diameter machining

Using 20MPa ultra-high pressure coolant, we perform non-step machining of deep hole small diameters of φ5 ~ 10.

High-speed rough machining for difficult-to-cut materials

Difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium, high alloys,
and duplex stainless steel can also be cut at high speed with our 20MPa ultra-high pressure coolant.

Integrated supply system in Shanghai

Through our Shanghai-based group company, we can deliver final machined products in large quantities using our materials.

"Just in Time delivery" of aircraft materials

We have been working in the aerospace industry since 2014 and have acquired JIS Q 9100. With our “Just-in-Time” principle, we deliver aircraft materials according to customer needs with an integrated supply system from cutting, machining, and applying heat treatment.

Our lines of aircraft materials

We have acquired JIS Q 9100 certification.
We purchase, stock, cut, and perform all needed processes for aircraft materials to fulfill your needs.


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