Delivery System

We deliver high quality special steel that is essential for our customer’s production and quality improvement, “the right material, at the right time, and in the exact amount” instantly.


From Kobe to whole Japan, and to the world. We promptly respond to efficiency improvement of market economy.

Our certified specialist will assist you in material selection, machining, driving cost down, and any other aspect that we could help.

Head Office
7-29, Mikura-dori, Nagata-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 653-0014 Japan
TEL: +81-78-575-1249 FAX: +81-78-575-1287
Steel Material Center Branch
Machine Factory
2001-36, Aza Maruyama, Amibiki-cho, Kasai-shi, Hyogo, 675-2113 Japan
TEL: +81-790-49-0345 FAX: +81-790-49-9615
East Kobe Branch
159, Fukae Hama-machi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 658-0023 Japan
TEL: +81-78-452-0681 FAX: +81-78-452-8190
Akashi Branch
18-12, Minami Futami, Futami-cho, Akashi-shi, Hyogo, 674-0093 Japan
TEL: +81-78-942-5300 FAX: +81-78-942-5378
Kyoto Branch
1-12, Hayashi Takaguro, Kumiyama-cho, Kuse-gun, Kyoto, 613-0033 Japan
TEL: +81-774-41-3300 FAX: +81-774-41-3301
Shikoku Branch
2294-1, Konancho Nishinosho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa, 761-1406, Japan
TEL. +81-78-942-5300 FAX. +81-78-942-5378
Steel Material Center / Automated Warehouse

We managed to attain both prompt delivery and high productivity with through implementation of low cost operation and establishment of instant delivery system by utilizing our automated warehouse.


In order to promptly respond to global demand around the world, we aggressively expand our business to overseas since year 2011. Thoroughgoing service framework that attentive to details is established to provide same quality and delivery as in Japan.

Japanese manufacturing have considered speeding up moving overseas. Also, there is an increasing number of cases that require the price of overseas in Japan. We are well positioned to offer solutions for customer`s business success.In addition to the material supply, forging, processing and heat treatment business, we will continue to focus on the own inspection system more than anything.

We have established in 2012 Corporation, an Asia Regional hub based in Shanghai, China.
And also have big interests to establish the business in Vietnam, Indonesia.

China / Shanghai
Dmet corp
Room41, 14/F Suncome Cimic Tower, 800 Shangchend Rd, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China, 200120
TEL.+86-(21)-2215-7733 FAX.+86-(21)-2215-7885
Overseas Subsidiary Services

Even in overseas, we provide one-stop solutions just as what we do in Japan.
Our overseas subsidiary could respond to your needs and inquiries in local language and Japanese.

  • We ensure the process due-date by coping with instant cut and delivery of material.
  • Our customers do not need to export the material by themselves, and save on lower transportation cost.
  • Heat treatment is carried out by Japanese company and our reliable local heat treatment partners, enable us to provide high quality products.
  • We could keep material made by non-Japanese steel maker in stock. (Hubei Xinyegang Co.,Ltd, Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel, POSCO, etc.)
  • Goods with small lot size could also be manufactured in overseas with JIS material in stock.
  • Cost is driven down by our overseas subsidiary providing machining and securing regular shipment in overseas.
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