We offer one-stop solutions from the cutting of material to machining of round bar / upset forging product / pressure welding product. We also offer rough machining, heat treatment, as well as high precision finished products.

Machining Factory Equipment List

As our core business is in steel round bar trading, our machining equipment is mainly composed of lathe machines. Our machining factory aims for being a reliable backup for our customers, working mainly on pre-heat-treatment rough machining, drilling, fine hole drilling, mass production products and items with strict cost restriction. Please rely on us for milling process too, as we have multi-axis machines as well!

  • QTS-350M 写真

    NC Lathe (QTS-350M)
    Maximum turning diameter:φ420
    Maximum turning length:614

  • U-HIPRECO110-20 写真

    Ultra high-pressure coolant distribution unit

    Maximum pressure:20MPa

  • QTS-350 photo

    NC Lathe (QTS-350) 2 sets
    Maximum turning diameter:φ420
    Maximum turning length:614

  • ZK130SFE22型 photo


    Maximum payload:130kg

  • NL-2000 photo

    NC Lathe (NL-2000)
    equipped with loader 2 sets
    Maximum turning diameter:φ366
    Maximum turning length:510

  • NL-3000 photo

    NC Lathe (NL-3000)
    Maximum turning diameter:φ420
    Maximum turning length:705

  • CL-253 photo

    NC Lathe (CL-253)
    Maximum turning diameter:φ460
    Maximum turning length:480

    NC Lathe (SL-4)
    Maximum turning diameter:φ460
    Maximum turning length:630

    NC Lathe (SL-35)
    Maximum turning diameter:φ460
    Maximum turning length:750

    Machining Center

    Maximum turning range:
    (A axis: φ200)


We accept orders for rough machining, large diameter drilling/boring that over 300mm in diameter, and shoulder machining that all done in-house.
Orders for material and heat-treatment after roughing are very handy.
We also offer to process fine hole drilling service on difficult-to-cut materials and finished products.
We have autoloaders and robot in correspondence to mass production products, making low cost production possible.

  • Lathing photo1

    Globally  In Japan

  • Lathing photo2

    Globally  In Japan

  • Lathing photo3

    Globally  In Japan

  • Lathing photo4

    Globally  In Japan


Forging is a manufacturing process to acquire the product in desired shape and size through plastic deformation by applying localized compressive forces to material using presses or other tools. Forging can produce a piece with improved strength characteristics, as the metal’s internal grain is more compact through the process.
Its biggest feature is the ability to produce a variety of shapes freely from base material that is limited in size and shape.
Forging reduces production cost by improving production yield.

  • Die-forging photo

    Globally  In Japan

  • Upset forging photo

    Upset forging
    Globally  In Japan

  • Free forging photo

    Free forging
    Globally  In Japan

  • Roll forging photo

    Roll forging
    Globally  In Japan

Solving Your Problems

We provide solutions to problems of material selection, machining and heat treatment.

  • Despite heavy total weight, low machining fees making the price not feasible.
    → We assist you to revise the whole process starting from material selection to reduce the total cost in a more advanced manner.
  • Transportation between processes cost too much due to heavy total weight.
    → Our in-house processing reduces the inter-processes and optimizes the cost.
  • The quantity is too much and unable to meet the deadline.
    → Our autoloader/robot can deal with your needs of urgent delivery.
  • Too much time expense drilling large/small-diameter hole.
    → We provide in-house solutions of inner-diameter / outer-diameter rough process, saving your processing time.
  • The transportation cost for heat-treatment is too high and misses delivery date.
    → After out in-house rough process, the heat treatment is performed at our affiliates, and the goods is delivered to you using our delivery system.
  • The cost is too high.
    → Our overseas subsidiary assists you in driving cost down by shifting to overseas production, from material selection to machining and heat treatment.
  • Could not find any subcontractor for machining or heat-treatment.
    → We select our best supplier and supply the goods to you.
  • Need too much time drilling difficult materials..
    → Using our lathe will shorten the delivery time to the enduser.


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