Message From The President

Since the establishment in 1956 as a trading company specializing in special steel, we have been connecting steel makers and customers until today.
We cannot appreciate enough for we know that without the support of our clients, we can never reach our current achievement.

What should the purpose of special steel trading company be?

It is our mission to pursuit the purpose, by trying our best to act as the hub that optimally connecting steel makers and customers, aiming at the realization of “Sanpo-yoshi”(triple-win) principle, and minimizing the cost throughout the supply chain. It is our duty to establish the highly efficient delivery system upon the customer`s needs, as well as sophisticated quality and delivery management system. Therefore we have equipped ourselves with the best branch location, inventory line-up, cutting machines, automated warehouse, machining equipment, delivery system, and proprietary I.T system.

Furthermore, international competition has getting intensified in recent years. In order to be able to provide solution that would keep our customers at advantage under such circumstances, we established our overseas subsidiary, which enables us the inventory management, forging, machining, and heat treatment in overseas. Despite our small size, we strive to fulfill the expectation and winning the trust from our customers.

We have been always trying our best in our proposal as long as it`s for the benefits of our customers. We hope that we can keep on such stance and continue to cherish the good faith and creation of deep relationship. We believe that only a righteous talent who pursues virtue and dignity can provide good proposals. We endeavor to share the value of “thorough consideration in the customer`s shoes”, as it brings growth and enrichment to our life, and only with endurance we can achieve excellence.

We will do our best to gain the fame of having human touch, being sincere, creative and passion among our customers and partners.

We are determined to constantly evolve in order to keep up with your expectation, and we look forward to your continuous support into the future.

President & Representative Director Toshihiko Kawai

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