Message from the President

Message from the President

Being fair and employees always come first.

What is the purpose of life? The answer might be different to everyone, however isn't it good enough as long as someone live no regrets in his/her life? In order to enrich our life, it is important to put efforts in something seriously and keep competing with ourself, and during the process it cultivates human nature.

On the platform that called company, if there is enough enthusiasm to think through "what can I do?" and "what I can do for others?", you could amazingly gain wisdom and able to discover a new self. You will naturally acquire behavior that appreciated by customers and colleagues without realizing it. By going through such process, you would realize your growth for the first time, and becoming someone who satisfied to yourself.

I look forward to those with passion "to live a dignified life, want to be a company president, challenge own's ability, enjoy life to full, and share the cup of pleasure with precious companion". We have been continuously focusing on building a system and environment that satisfies those who desired for living such positive life. Although being a small company, we firmly maintain to be fair and employee always comes first at here.

Company is a platform for making big dream come true.

It is useless to worry about "am I able to do it?". If you have "compassion as a human", who can put yourself in other's shoes and sympathize other's feeling, it would be no problem at all. Together with "thinking through", "passion of achievement" and "confidence of believing in self", you should surely obtain great success.
Working is a major challenge in life. Everyone's motivation and the company's capacity are necessary in order to make it enjoyable. I would like to have everyone having a big dream, and make the company a platform to realize the dream. Those who keep challenging received wisdom and searching for all posibilities would bring about great achievements. Eventually, your passion grows everyday, through creating a framework, you will find out the business you want to start.
Companions who could persereve in something to the end are the persons to realize that dream, and as a company, we wil do our utmost to back them up.

We need your talent to expand further.

I suppose there are many people who were enthusiastic about club activities during their school days. People who have same goal are gathered, and by working hard someone could spend a fulfilling time.

Personally, I was enthusiastic in skiing during my school days. In that time, my goal was to get a medal in Student Ski Demo of Kansai Games. I found out that it was important to think and execute what should be done in order to reach the goal. The discussions with other companions on how to improve faster became my fond memories as well. After being a working adult, practices becomes duties, esteem changed from medals to rewards, but in my opinion, the essence have no any difference from my schools days. There are no necessary to be anxious. Please join us with confidence.

I think in Japan there is no good news right now, and appears to be sinking, but if you find a group where you can enjoy your life, I think to live should be more vigorously.
We offer an environment to fully demonstrate your ability, fair appraisal system and reward you according to result.
We need your talent to play an active role in the industry.
I am looking forward to seeing you.
President & Representative Director Toshihiko Kawai
Know more about special steel

Know more about special steel

About special steel

Special steel refers to alloy of steel which has many fuctionalities by adding elements such as carbon, nickel, chromium into iron during the steelmaking process.
It features wide variety of mechanical properties such as high strength and hardness, desirable shock and pressure ressistance, or excellent heat and corrosion resistance.
Our living environment is made comfortable in all aspects such as food, clothing, shelter and transportation. On the other hand, machine and structure, which support our life, have to withstand harsh conditions. Special steel is created everyday coresponding to wide required functionalities that change with the times.

The kind of main special steel

Steel for Machine Structural purposes Photo

Steel for Machine Structural purposes

It is widely used as structural material for typical and industrial machinery.
It is broadly divided into Carbon Steel for Machine Structural Use, which is used after adjusting its hardness by its carbon contents and heat treatment, and Alloy Steel for Machine Structural Use, which has enhanced machanical properties such as strength, toughness, fatigue strength, and hardenability.

Stainless Steel Photo

Stainless Steel

It refers to alloy of steel which does not readily corrode, rust or stain by alloying with specific element including chromium and nickel.
Stainless steel is used in structures or components that applied in high humidity, salinity, acidity or tempreature.
Furthermore, it is used in bladed objects such as kitchen knife as it could be easily harden by adjusting its chemical composition.

Continuous Cast Iron Bar (Dense Bar®) Photo

Continuous Cast Iron Bar (Dense Bar®)

It is cast iron bar which made through continuous casting method.
Due to its good processability, it is widely used in hydraulic equipments, automobile, contruction machinary, tool machines, etc.

Tool Steel Photo

Tool Steel

This alloy of steel has excellent impact resistance and wear resistance.
It is widely used from planes, razors to die and molds used in harsh environment.
It is also the most complicate and sophisticated among all alloy of steel.

Free-cutting Steel Photo

Free-cutting Steel

Free-cutting steel is alloy of steel which mixed with elements such as sulfur, phosphorus, lead, selenium, tellurium, or calcium, in order to achive better machinability.
It aims to reduce costs by shortening the processing time needed. It is also used in components with small hole driling.

Know more about Hanshin Metalics Corp

Know more about Hanshin Metalics Corp

Provides unique one-stop solution as a trading firm specializing in special steels.

We bring our supplier and our customer - steel maker and product manufacturer together in the best way.
In order to achieve the business model to delivery the goods with minimum cost among the industry, we equiped ourselves with best branch location, inventory line-up, cutting equipments, automated warehouses, machining infrastructures, delivery system and proprietary IT system. System to deliver goods the customer need efficiently when needed, and highly developed management system on quality and delivery date, are two minimum requirements to us.
We have gained strong support from our customers by having abundant inventory of special steel and one-stop solutions covering methods of supplying, meterial selections and processing.

One-stop Solution

The selection of most suitable material and processing method is difficult due to availability of many kinds of steels and shapes.

We have huge inventory of special steel, and we suggest and deliver solution covering methods of supplying, meterial selections and processing to the customer.

The Strength of Hanshin Metalics Corp

  1. Respond to the needs with full lineup of each of special steel

    From high-preformance special steel to non-ferrous metal, we have wide-ranging inventory lineup first class in the industry, and we contribute to our customers by providing solution covering from best material selection to processing.

  2. Achieve JIT(Just-In-Time) with our bases and proprietary delivery system

    From Kobe to Japan and the world. We deliver high-quality special steel, which is necessary for the production and quality improvement of our customers. By using our branches as "hub", we provide “the right material, at the right time, and in the exact amount” instantly.

  3. Respond to urgent delivery with due-date/process management system

    Using our proprietary IT system, which is created from codifying our experience and quality control that developed over many years, inventory materials are well managed efficiently, and enables us to address to needs in order to survive the global competition.

China, India, Vietnam - Accelerating Global Expansion

To respond promptly to the global needs around the world, we are aggressively expanding our business to overseas since year 2012.
Currently we established overseas subsidiaries in Shanghai, well-prepared with inventory, forging, machining and heat treatment framework, and provides one-stop solution in overseas just as back in Japan.
We are planning for further global expansion into countries such as India, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam in the future.

Management Philosophy

Contribute to our customer and local community.
Management that consistent with company's prosperity and employees' happiness.

Management Policies

Dedicate to always learn from customers, meet quality standards and deadlines, while provide personalized services.
Aim at creating liberal environment that every employee can unleash their personality and ability the best, while rewarding the employee according to their performance.

Code of Conduct

Encourag individual development by improving creativity and sensitivity.
Act promptly, cheerfully, and positively.
Build trusts and relationships through sincerity and good faith.

Hanshin Metalics DNA

Follow the right way.

Rack brain until it works.

Aim to be the only one.

Have a dream and go for it.

Evolve for progress.

  • 社員を知る
  • 社員を知る

Material that is difficult to differentiate will change to its optimal form according to the growth of your ability.


What kinds of job hunting activity have you done?
I worked on my job hunting with putting "meet a lots of people and listen to different stories" in mind. What is most important is that, by talking to many working persons, it could widen my thinking and horizon, and find out the work that is right for me and I really want. Therefore I didn't narrow down the occupation and industries, and just visit even if I was a little interested.
What leads you to join Hanshin Metalics Corp?
How could someone maximize the added value to commodities that is hard to differentiate? Speaking in a good-looking way, the material change to its optimal form according to the personal growth. Inevitablely it leads to result, and the result will be reflected as a reward in the end-of-fiscal-year bonus. I joined this company because of this legitimate and attractive "growth -> achievement -> rewards" mechanism.
Please tell us about your current job.
I am in charge of about 40 companies and carry out many kinds of sales activity. As I am still unfamilliar with sales, my superior accompany me two or three times a week, and learn the know-hows of sales such as the way of talking to the client and making a new proposal. My current job is to improve my knowledge in steel and processing so I could address the demand from customer by myself.
Did you feel any gap before and after joining the company?
I didn't feel any major gaps. I felt that everyone is free to speak out regardless of career in the company. In fact, when I proposed an in-house initiative 3 months after I joined the company, it was adopted and immediately put into practice. I was surprised to be in an environment where everyone can speak freely regardless of career and age.
What was the most difficult thing to you after joining the company?
There are many kinds of special steel, and of course, their name are different too. Not only material names, but processing terms too. I had a hard time to understand these technical terms in the beginning.
What do you bear in mind in your work?
Always doubt if now is the best, think and then act. I won't grow if I think what works now is the best. I try to think if there are better ways to make customer delight or improve the company, and act on them.
Would you mind to share any experience of growth since you joined this company?
Comparing to when I just joined the company, of course I gained some specialized knowledge, but more importantly I gained more integrity and enthusiasm towards my career. In fact, I was given a sales area to cover. It makes me having stronger sense of responsibility, and I am working my best to delight my customers.
What is your goal and dream that you would like to challenge in your career in the future?
My current goal is to achieve new customer development. In my career, my first priority is to earn trust from my existing customers. However as a sales person, achieving the new customer development target is a bliss to me, and I think it leads to further motivation. I am trying every day to be able to develop new clients with confidence.
What is so attractive about Hanshin Metalics Corp?
The ability to develop a new business model. In common sense, isn't that common to work in a job that currently available? However our company is different. We encourage entrepreneurship within the company, and everyone has a chance to be a company's president. Of course, additional research, studies and skills are required to do so.
A message to students who currently searching for a job.
As it is said that currently is the employment ice age, I guess there are many people who think that, even if they work hard, the result does not come out easily as they wished. But please imagine yourself, in case of survived the job-hunting, and in case of could not overcome it. I prefer to be the former one. Please take adversity as a chance for your growth, and go through your job-hunting without regrets.

Schedule of a certain day

Daily hearing is important

Our customers have many kinds of difficulty. It is our job to listen to these every issue in details and help in solving them. We would like to present a daily schedule of our new active employee in Hanshin Metalics Corp.

Getting out of bed
Report to work
After report to work, first I would check e-mail, then do the cleaning and organise the to-do list of the day. After that, everyone shares their schedule on that day in the morning meeting.
Morning deskwork
After the morning meeting, I work on deskwork such as sending quotations and order arrangements.
Travel by sales car
After deskwork is done, I travel to Higashi-osaka, my coverage area, by car.
Meeting with existing customer
I meet with existing customers and have discussion on processed goods with them.
Hearing from new customer
I interview with a new customer, who just started trading with us, to confirm if there are any problems with our service and other requests.
Hearing and proposal to customer who orders are decresing
I interview the customer to understand the reason of decresing orders, and try to suggest any assistance our company could provide.
Express of gratitude and interview with customer who ordered a lot.
I express my gratitude to customer who placed large order, and figure out the future prospect of orders.
Return to office
Return to Kyoto Branch.
Evening deskwork
I check e-mail as soon as I returned to the office, and reply inquiries then sent by fax.
Preparation for next day
I summarize schedule for next day and create the document that to be submitted to company.
Leaving office
Go to bed

Corporate culture that emphasizes employees' human qualities the most.There is no better stage for me than this.

UETO Takeshi

Please tell us about your current contents of work.
I am currently a member of Overseas Sales Department.
In a brief description for contents of work in Overseas Sales Department, my duty is to supply materials and finished components to Japanese companies that have expanded abroad, and also in another way round, help our domestic customers in Japan lowering down their cost by supplying materials and finished components made in overseas.
It becomes a real pleasure to formulate strategy/senario with our overseas subsidiary, execute it, and get orders from pleased customers. There are many suppliers in different countries, with infinite number of processing methods, aiming for best option leads to achievement. There are many more specific duties, such as travelling for seeking new suppliers, or visiting our existing customers who expanded to overseas to deepen the relationship of trust.
What do you bear in mind in your work?
In my opinion, career is the best platform for personal growth.
I always aware of behaving myself with integrity through my work. I would like to act upon thorough consideration in daily matters, with ideas such as what a person should be, or what real justice is, in my mind.
What is your most memorable job? And what makes you felt it worthwhile at that time?
Although there is no such particular job, as I work as a sales person all the way since I joined this company, I think the real thrill of a sales person is the moment of feeling the confidence of earning trust from customers through various proposals.
What makes you feel confident in your current job?
Although it is not my personal confidence, apparently Hanshin Metalics Corp has more tools for proposal abundantly comparing to our competitors in the same industry. Since we could come out with solution for problem given by customer from a wider horizon than our competitors, our sales person could work in an environment where we won't lose in competition easily. As a result, when comparing to sales person from our competitors, we are confident that we have stronger ability in sales.
Which part makes you realized that you had grown up from being a newcomer?
It was when I become able to think that I must always capture the essential of matters. As I have come to be able to stress the essential naturally in conversation with customers, I think my ability to make client agree willingly has gained better comparing to when I was a newcomer.
What is your goal and dream that you would like to challenge in your career in the future?
So far as a sales person, my main target was achieving result. From now on, I would like to improve my managerial skills, such as how to make Overseas Sales Department function well as a team.
However, my final goal is to start up and operate a company on my own.
What is so attractive about Hanshin Metalics Corp?
Although it is also emphasised in our corporate principle (DNA), it is the corporate culture that regards human nature of employee as important. I think this is the best platform for me who want to build my character. In business we are going to expand to various overseas locations, and we are considering business expansion into other industries as well. The company's position of constantly challange without any stagnantation is a great place for me to gain various experiences that I eagerly longed for.
A message to students who currently searching for a job.
Although students might not realize it, we who staying in Japan are facing a very harsh socioeconomy environment, and the term "recession" is often used on the street. However in my opinion, Japan is on its way to complete decline. In case of recession, economic boom will come again someday. The word "recession" is inappropriate to decribe period of decline, in fact the image is crumbling down to ruin.
Therefore this is no longer an era when you can have a decent life by repeating what you have done bofore, but extinction if someone late for the change. Furthermore, the pace seems faster than I could imagine. I am sorry if I ruined the dreams of hopeful students, but I think if the trend continues, the Japanese are going to be poor together in the future.
However I don't think all Japanese will become so. Conversely speaking, if you thought thoroughly how you should think and act now in order to make you and your company not going down with other majorities in case Japan do decline, I guess you could do pretty good in your job hunting.
Please think that it is not the goal to get in a good company, but become a working adult means the start of survival game.