Human Resources Development

Build up human power on the front line, bring in the the evolution

First, on the front line as a sales person.

Cultivate your human power with senior mentors n the front line of special steel industry after entering the company and going through training program for about half year.

Branch managers who in their 30s are also taking an active part.

Necessary leadership education is provided from the early age and a chance to work at the frontier.

We are ready for cultivate entreprenuers.

For next evolution, we start new businesses with establish a new corporation from autumn 2013. We will be expended our new business from IT industry to service industry and develop into new types and sectors.

Because of you can set up your own company by our system, there is no retirement age, there is no such a goal. We will going to make up infinite and possibility company.

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Training Courses

New Employee Training

Training is provided at headquarter for about half year after entering the company.
The content of the training includes business etiquette, necessary knowledge of the company and simple processing skills.

  • Understanding the Company
  • Business Etiquette Training
  • Safety Education
  • Teamwork Training
  • Interpersonal Relationship

Mid-level Employee Training

Managerial sense, such as cost awareness and risk management ability, are developed through the management simulation.

  • Management Simulation
  • On the Job Training (OJT)
  • Leadership Training
  • Department Education

Management Training

It cultivates the ability to achieve organizational goals, such as business improvement and problem solving.

  • Developing Management Strateg
  • Medium-Term Management Vision
  • Acquisition of Strategic Decision-Making Capacity
  • Risk Management

Various technical training, language studies, correspondence course, and more.